Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Dimov & Tashev Law Firm has developed a strong practice in Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) industry. On the basis of the ongoing continuous advice we have been providing to major players on the media market in Bulgaria, it may well be said that Dimov & Tashev Law Firm is well positioned within the TMT practice area on a national level.

Our firm provides a full scope legal advice to its clients involved in the TMT sector - starting from the incorporation of the client's company and issuance of the relevant regulatory approvals, permits and licenses, as well as provision of ongoing services in this regard, up to complex reorganization of the corporate structures of the specific vehicles operated by the client.

Our media practice involves some of the high profile entertainment and media companies as clients. In a rapidly changing world where content interrelates with technology, it is our objective to provide sound legal advice on the basis of extensive experience in the industry. We provide legal advice in the TMT sector, thus covering many areas thereof.