Depending on the specificity of the relevant client's business, it may well become subject to regulation under Bulgarian regulatory laws. Commercial activity in the area of banking, insurance, capital markets, media and telecommunications, etc. would inevitably entail the necessity of securing all necessary permits, approvals, etc., as well as to ensure ongoing and continuous compliance with the relevant statutory regulations.

In view of the diversified commercial activity of its clients, Dimov & Tashev Law Firm has developed a strong regulatory practice aimed at meeting the client's needs and with the primary objective - to procure the successful operation of the business within the relevant industry.

Some of the major regulatory areas of expertise where our firm is actively involved in are as follows:

  • Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) - The Commission is a specialized government body for regulation and control over the financial system. FSC is in charge of regulating the capital market in Bulgaria (including all companies whose stocks are being traded thereon), the banking system, as well as the area of insurance;
  • Competition Protection Commission (CPC) - CPC is empowered to enforce the Law on Protection of Competition, the Public Procurement Act and the Concessions Act. The CPC's scope of activity covers all requests on ascertaining infringements of free market competition, as well as reporting concentration of economic activity. The Commission examines the appeals on lawfulness of a decision, actions or lack of actions/omissions of the contracting authorities or concessioners in the public procurement or concession awarding procedure;
  • Council of Electronic Media (CEM) - CEM is an independent specialized body regulating the radio and television activity through issuance and/or registration of licenses for radio- or television activity and supervising the activity of the radio and television operators;
  • Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) - CRC implements the state sector policy in the field of telecommunications and postal services and, as such, is entrusted with the functions of regulation and control over the carrying out of the electronic communications;
  • Energy and Waters Regulatory Commission (EWRC) - SEWRC is in charge of the state regulation of activities in the energy and water sector: e.g. it is responsible for the licensing of all energy operators, as well as to maintain supervision and monitoring of the issued licenses; and
  • Invest Bulgaria Agency (IBA) - IBA is a governmental agency in charge of certification of foreign investors and entitled to award incentives under Encouragement of Investment Act including 1st and 2nd investor class certificates.