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1.       General

Dimov & Tashev Law Firm is a legal partnership incorporated and validly existing under the Bar Act of the Republic of Bulgaria. It is registered with the law firms register at Sofia Bar Association and is regulated by the Supreme Bar Council. All references on this website to "Dimov & Tashev Law Firm", "Dimov & Tashev" or "the firm" should be read as referring to Dimov & Tashev Law Firm.

A list of members is open to inspection at this office at 86 Vitosha Boulevard, Sofia 1463, Bulgaria. The firm's lawyers are subject to the rules of the regulatory body with whom they are admitted.

Dimov & Tashev Law Firm is registered for VAT purposes with VAT registration number BG 175824595.


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Dimov & Tashev Law Firm is duly registered as an administrator of personal data with Commission for Personal Data Protection under identification number 251235.


3. Disclaimer

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5. Professional indemnity insurance

Dimov & Tashev Law Firm and all associates have professional indemnity insurance. Further details can be obtained from the partners.